Minsterial Advisory Committee for COVID-19 testing

Minsterial decree 1/350

Creation date: 25/3/2020

Mission :

The Committee has the authority to provide the Minister of Public Health with an advisory opinion on applications submitted by Heads of Laboratories for authorization to conduct laboratory testing related to theSARS-CoV-2 virus, with the possibility of field inspection and evaluation.

Members :

Dr. Myrna GERMANOSPresident
Dr. Christian HADDADVice-President
Dr. Inaya EZZEDDINEMember
Dr. Najla EL BIZRIMember
Dr. Elie KHOURYMember
Dr. Malak NABOULSIMember
Dr. Salam SAMADMember
Dr. Wael HASSANMember
Dr. Soraya TALHOUKMember
Dr. Zeina BERJAOUIMember
Dr. Najla EL BANNAMember
Dr. Rita FEGHALIMember
Dr. Ahmad SABBAHMember

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