Management of cardiovascular risks of COVID-19 patients

Dear Valued Healthcare Professionals,
Join Roche Diagnostics Middle East FCZO for this upcoming webinar on the management of cardiovascular risks of COVID-19 patients.
This webinar will shed light on how cardiac involvement due to acute myocarditis may occur in patients with COVID-19 without respiratory tract signs and symptoms of infection. 
You’ll come away with an understanding of:
  • The potential mechanisms underlying cardiac biomarkers elevation with COVID-19 infections
  • What biomarkers should be tested and when for the diagnosis of cardiovascular conditions in COVID-19 patients 
  • The value of cardiac biomarkers in COVID-19 patient management 
Monday 11th May – 1:00PM (Beirut Time)


Prof. James L. Januzzi Jr, MD, FACC, FESC


Tijana Krnjeta Janicijevic, PharmD PhD