Webinar – AMR – Proficiency Testing 2019

In collaboration with WHO, under the MOPH guidance, and in coordination with AUBMC Clinical Microbiology Lab and USJ research lab.  

A webinar will take place next Tuesday December 8 at 10:00 AM, discussing the results of Proficiency Testing (National External Quality Control system) activities issued in 2019.   

In this regard, please find below the agenda of the webinar:  

    • Introduction (Pr Dolla Sarkis, 5 min)
    • Presentation of the results of Proficiency Testing (Dr Tarek Itani, 15 min)
    • Objectives/ Perspectives  (Pr Dolla Sarkis, 10 min)
    • Questions/Answers (Pr Georges Araj, 30 min) 
    • Closing remarks   


Hajar Samaha, MPH-MEPI – Public Health Officer- MOPH. E-mail : hajarsamaha@hotmail.com